QuickWire works with and greatly enhances the wire transfer function of Fedline. While sending and receiving wires with Fedline alone can be exasperating and expensive, when you add QuickWire to the mix, you save time, money, and headaches. In addition to providing your customers with a better wire-transfer product, QuickWire will help you contend with the compliance issues that arise whenever you send or receive wires.

Unlike Fedline, we've built QuickWire around a customer database. While Fedline is essentially transaction-based and can't store such important customer information as name, address, phone numbers, contact person, service charging information and dollar limits.

You'll export your outgoing wires from QuickWire into Fedline, and export your incoming wires from Fedline into QuickWire. While your backroom procedures can remain much as they are today, the people back there will become much more productive and much less stressed.

We've designed QuickWire for financial institutions of all sizes. Whether you're a single bank doing 5 wires per day or a multibank operation doing 500 wires per day, QuickWire will make your life a lot easier.


  • Automatically create your notifications and confirmations
  • Automatically create your paper advices
  • Automatically create credit/debit advice files which you can upload to your host
  • Automatically keep a history of all your wire activity
  • Provide you with a variety of reports
QuickWire stores all customer information. You can use this information to provide benefits as:
  • Multiple billing options
  • Multiple authentication codes per account
  • Multiple accounts per customer
  • Multiple notification instructions
  • Multiple customer contacts per account
  • Repetitive wire instructions
QuickWire will process your wires very safely and very securely. Among the options which make QuickWire safe and secure are:
  • OFAC Checking Built into program (Subscription Required)
  • Multiple sign-on levels
  • Single or dual controls
  • System dollar limits
  • Customer dollar limits
  • Contact dollar limits
  • Security/authentication codes
QuickWire generates a variety of reports which will make your day-to-day processing smoother. Some of these are:
  • Daily Outgoing Wire Log
  • Daily Incoming Wire Log
  • Daily Balance Report, Bank to Bank
  • Daily Balance Report, Bank to Customer
  • Settlement Report
  • Pending Wire Report
  • End of Day Report

For sample screens for this software, please see the "Setup Guide" on the right.