Software Solutions

Simplify ACH processing. Create new customer relationships and revenue opportunities.

InterceptEFT simplifies the electronic transaction process for financial institutions. Our goal is to help you retain and attract customers with comprehensive solutions including ACH Bind™, ACH Encrypt™, ACH for the PC™, BankEFT, Jolokia®, QuickWire® and Wasp™.

ACH Bind™

Efficiently process and originate your financial institution's ACH portfolio. Market your ACH products to corporate and business customers.

ACH Bind helps you edit files and convert them to the standard NACHA format. When combined with ACH for the PC™, ACH Bind helps you retain current customers and attract new prospects.

Secure: Combine ACH Bind and ACH for the PC™ to improve security over one-part systems.
Consolidated: Combine all ACH files into a single file to prevent multiple-file charges.
Accurate: Verify, review and approve transactions before sending them.

ACH Encrypt™

Allow users to send encrypted files that can be read by the BIND program. ACH Encrypt works with any program that creates standard NACHA-formatted files.

Secure: Process transactions using the latest security measures and technologies.
Flexible: Use ACH Encrypt with a variety of software options.

ACH for the PC™

Eliminate headaches associated with paper transactions. By using ACH, companies can securely deposit and credit multiple accounts. ACH for the PC allows you to quickly and accurately manage cash flow, increase profitability and lower processing times.

With ACH for the PC, you can:

  • Process payroll
  • Make vendor payments
  • Collect dues and fees
  • Encrypt files
  • Cap batches and entries
  • Create single and recurring batches and next day or warehoused batches

Secure: Create multiple user security levels and rights.
Flexible: Allow multiple batches using the most popular standard entry class codes.
Detailed: View transaction details and history.


Create and manage ACH transactions. Offer a new service and increase your financial institution's deposits.

BankEFT is a secure, integrated portal for ACH transactions. It eases customer concerns about transmitting account information over the Internet. Customers create and upload ACH files while knowing their sensitive data is secure.

Secure: Use a secure SSL server to create and transmit files.
Detailed: View multiple reports and formats.
Simple: Avoid installing hardware or software.


Enter small-volume transactions easily from your computer. Jolokia is a secure (SSL), web-based tool to create and transfer electronic transactions. Manage ACH, check and credit card transactions, including single or recurring entries, without the added expense of software and maintenance.

You can extend Jolokia's features by adding a check reader or credit card swipe.


Enhance Fedline's wire transfer function. Save time, money and stress.
QuickWire provides reliable transfers and reduces compliance issues associated with wires. Backed by a database, QuickWire stores important information including names, addresses, phone numbers, service charge information and dollar limits. Export outgoing wires from QuickWire to Fedline - and import incoming wires from Fedline to QuickWire.

QuickWire is designed for financial institutions of all sizes - whether you're a single bank with five wires per day or a multi-bank operation with hundreds of wires per day.

Automatic: Receive notifications, confirmations and paper advices.
Detailed: View reports and wire activity history.
Flexible: Create multiple billing options, customer accounts, notification and wire instructions, and authentication codes.
Secure: Process safely with built-in OFAC checking, multiple sign-on levels, single or dual controls, system dollar limits, customer dollar limits, contact dollar limits and security/authentication codes.


Improve your cash flow. Manage your cash disbursements and collections with ease. Eliminate check processing delays and problems.

WASP is a convenient, economical software option to originate several transaction types into ACH:

  • Redeposited Checks (RCK)
  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Corporate Credit or Debit (CCD)
  • Prearranged Payments and Deposits (PPD)

Originate these transactions from your personal computer through a financial institution such as a commercial bank, savings and loan, or credit union. Wasp can be utilized with a check reader for additional efficiency, or used with payroll and auto-debiting applications.

Customizable: Set up multiple users with different access and rights.
Flexible: Submit multiple batches, accept data from check readers, set up splits between multiple accounts, and accept general ledger and loan payments.
Robust: Create PPD, CCD, RCK, POP and WEB Standard Entry Class Codes.

InterceptEFT will streamline your financial institution's processes so you can accomplishmore and stressless.