WASP™ gives you a convenient, easy, economical way to originate Re-deposited Checks (RCK), Point of Purchase (POP), Cash Concentration and Deposits (CCD), and Prearranged Payments and Deposits (PPD) into the Automated Clearing House (ACH) from a personal computer.

Now, anyone with WASP and a personal computer can originate RCK, POP, PPD and CCD transactions through a financial institution such as a commercial bank, savings and loan or credit union. A company can Re-Deposit checks, Point of Purchase, deposit payroll, concentrate and disburse cash and electronically debit accounts -- eliminating the delays and processing problems associated with checks. With WASP, a company can improve its cash flow by better managing its cash disbursements and collections.

WASP was designed for the use of RCK and POP within a non reoccurring batch. WASP can be utilized with a check reader to make RCK and POP efficient, easy and money saving! WASP can also be utilized for such applications as payroll and auto debiting.


  • WASP allows for multiple users with different user rights.
  • Writes an encrypted file that can be sent via modem or email.
  • Allows for multiple batches.
  • Allows for checks to be read with a reader.
  • Batches are not reoccurring due to RCK and POP.
  • Multiple splits between savings, checkings etc.
  • Supports general ledger and loan payments.
  • Supported standard entry classes:
    • PPD / CCD / RCK / POP / WEB / ARC / BOC

For sample screens for this software, please see the "Setup Guide" on the right.