EFT for Financial Institutions

Expand your financial institution's services and capabilities. Retain key customers before they turn to a competitor.

InterceptEFT partners with banks and financial institutions to offer ACH solutions and other electronic transactions. Rely on our industry expertise to effectively bring new services to your customers.

We offer a variety of online and software-based options:

  • ACH Bind: Efficiently process and originate your financial institution's ACH portfolio. Market your ACH solution to your corporate and business customers.
  • ACH for the PC: Eliminate headaches associated with paper transactions; quickly and accurately manage cash flow, increase profitability and decrease processing times.
  • EFT Online: Use ACH without software maintenance and expenses. Enter small-volume transactions easily.

Detailed: Give customers easy online access to comprehensive account information, reports and e-mail alerts.
Thorough: Rely on InterceptEFT to offer risk mitigation and monitor ever-changing rules and regulations.
Experienced: Turn to our experienced team - including AAP-certified staff - for questions and information.
Structured: Set entry, batch and file limits, and processing windows within InterceptEFT guidelines.
Customizable: Determine billing rates and options for each customer. Offer online services with your financial institution's colors, look and feel.
Expandable: Extend your services beyond your current geographic area with our web-based services.

We have delivered comprehensive, hassle-free electronic transactions for over 20 years. Learn more about InterceptEFT.

InterceptEFT will streamline your process so you can accomplishmore and stressless.

Updated 06/07/2013