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The business world depends on the electronic transfer of funds - and consumers increasingly expect electronic payment options.

We offer complete electronic transaction services:

InterceptEFT will help you meet customer demands and move funds securely, accurately and quickly. We specialize in processing electronic transactions; it's all we do. We process transactions through a variety of online and software-based options. Our services are comprehensive and hassle-free.

Convenient: Process transactions outside of business hours.
Established: Rely on InterceptEFT, an established partner that processes more than 55 million transactions annually.
Reliable: Move funds safely, quickly and accurately.
Streamlined: Reduce manual entry and gain efficiency.
Detailed: Access extensive online reports for downloading, analysis and reconciliation.

Let InterceptEFT streamline your financial transactions using our state-of-the-art systems, expertise and industry knowledge.

Intercept Corporation is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

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Jolokia image Jolokia® for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows users to process credit card transactions seamlessly through cellular or wi-fi networks. It has all the functionality of a PC based payment portal, but with the mobility of your wireless device and allows for hand keyed or card swiped transactions. For more information, go to our Mobile solutions page.
e contracts image Enjoy the benefits of online client set-up and signing electronically with e-contracts®. To access e-contracts or for more information, go to our e-contracts page.

ISO Partnerships

InterceptEFT actively partners with leading service and software providers to offer direct deposit, credit card processing and other services. Offer new services to your clients and their employees. Create and solidify customer relationships while generating new revenue.


EFT For Your Business

InterceptEFT's electronic transaction solutions improve the efficiency of any organization: