PenSoft® and InterceptEFT® Provide Efficient Ways to Pay

Direct Deposit: Easy Employee Payroll

Direct Deposit processing uses ACH technologies to transfer funds into an employee's bank account for payroll and other types of payments.

You'll enjoy:
  • Flexible Options: InterceptEFT can process direct deposit of net pay and so much more
  • Reduced Costs: Save 50-60 cents per payment compared to checks
  • Easy Transactions: Employees can deposit to multiple accounts
  • Time Savings: Save reconciliation and processing time
  • Hassle-Free Processing: InterceptEFT's team works behind the scenes to support every transaction

Direct Deposit is convenient for employees and cost-effective for employers.

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Make processing easier... and contact PenSoft or InterceptEFT today!

PenSoft brings you accurate and reliable payroll solutions - and PenSoft's partnership with InterceptEFT gives you more powerful ways to pay.

Payroll Cards: Prepaid and Convenient

Prepaid Cards are reloadable and used for purchases, ATM withdrawals and electronic transfers. Each payday, new funds are added to the card.

You'll enjoy:
  • Reduced check handling costs
  • No more lost or stolen checks
  • An easy expansion to your existing payroll processing

Employees gain immediate access to funds and avoid a trip to the bank on payday. Payroll cards are ideal for savings, every-day expenses or a special purchase.

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