Credit Card Processing

Give customers the debit or credit card payment options they expect. Use a hassle-free credit card processing solution to meet the needs of your customers.

With the advent of "rewards" cards and "frequent flyer point programs", the general population is using credit cards more often. Your credit card processing solution depends on your business needs, and it is our job to help you keep costs to a minimum by providing the right solution at the right time! InterceptEFT is here with flexible options, easy processing and competitive rates. We also offer account storage, payroll cards and point-of-sale terminals.

When considering a merchant services provider, make sure to research your "true" cost. Even though all fees are supposed to be disclosed upfront, some companies may not tell you about fees we refer to as "junk fees". The best way to determine your real current credit card processing cost is to add up ALL your monthly fees including but not limited to transaction costs, statement fees, hosting fees, compliance fees, etc. and then divide that total by the current month´s total credit card sales.  If it seems too high, it probably is.  Call us today, and we will help you lower your costs.

Looking for even more? We provide technical specifications to allow you to integrate our online payment portal into your website.

Focused: Meet the needs of customers who expect card payment alternatives.
Versatile: Accept debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Fleet, Mastercard, VISA, Voyager, Wright Express)
Flexible: Set up one-time or recurring payments.
Easy: Process transactions through POS terminals or enter transactions online without additional software or equipment. (We work with almost any terminal available, and we can integrate, too!)
Comprehensive: Options include Retail, Restaurant, QSR, Small Ticket Program, Wireless and Mobile, Contactless, Petroleum & C-Store, eCommerce, MO/TO, Open and Closed Loop Gift Cards, and Tempo Debit Card Program
Cost-Effective: Receive competitive rates on all transactions.
Secure: Use the latest technologies and security standards to ensure your information stays safe.
Detailed: Access extensive online reports for downloading, analysis and reconciliation.
Commited to Merchant Success: Prompt, experienced customer support, and technical support 24/7.

Bottom line; trust InterceptEFT for LOW RATES AND FEES! InterceptEFT will streamline your credit card processing so you can accomplishmore and stressless.

Intercept Corporation is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

Updated 03/14/2014